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Workshop Catalog

Enterprise and Team Transformation Workshops:
  • Fundamentals of Leading Enterprise Transformation
  • Culture scan and planning with Sensemaking
  • Corporate Employee Network Stimulation
  • Value Stream Mapping and Improvements 
  • Scale with nuCognitive Workshop Licensing & Train the Trainer 
Agile and Lean Culture, Mindset, and Methods Workshops:
  • Leading and Managing Agile and Lean Development Teams
  • Team Fundamentals of Agile and Lean Product Delivery
  • Scrumaster and Product Owner Foundations
  • Clear Goals with Competitive Engineering
  • Collaborative Chartering for Teams
  • Team Based Problem Solving with A3s
Value and Solution Delivery Workshops:
  • Solutions and Value Driven Delivery
  • Decision Making with Cynefin
  • Dynamic Lifecycle and Hybrid Delivery 
  • Writing Good Requirements
  • Introduction to Use Cases and User Stories
  • Portfolio Management and Business Models 
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