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Check out these upcoming workshops and talks.  Contact us if you would like a private session or if you have any questions. Contact us for group discounts!

The End of Certainty

April 20, 2018

How to operate effectively in a complex and uncertain world


As the pace of change increases and business becomes increasingly uncertain, too many business analysts are unprepared for complex and unpredictable situations. The methods and practices that worked well for analysts in the past under more stable conditions are less effective or inappropriate. Analysts need to recognize and understand the differences between complicatedness and complexity in order to adapt their approach and succeed. This session is an invitation for analysts to explore the nature of complexity and to develop heuristics for managing complex challenges and uncertainties ahead.

Cynefin and Complexity Foundations

July 10, 2018

Situational Leadership for a Complex and Uncertain World

$1,340 to $1,485

In today’s increasingly volatile and uncertain world, there is a need for new ways of making sense of current situations and managing in new and rapidly shifting contexts. Our past practices and approaches are failing us and what had worked reliably during more stable times in the past is unfortunately proving inadequate for the dynamic present. This course introduces concepts which challenge the deeply rooted thinking patterns that have been ingrained by years of conventional thinking.

Take a dive into complexity theory, and the practical implications for operating in a world of inherent uncertainty.

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