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Fundamentals of Leading Enterprise Transformation

Leading change in large multinational companies is a very complex and difficult endeavor.   No one method or technique can be used "out of the box" and be expected to work when applied to a global and highly diverse workforce. This workshop provides  transformation project leaders and participants with several proven, adaptable methods and techniques to drive change in support of enterprise adoptions of Agile and Lean.  



This class is designed for individuals who are driving or being affected by change initiatives.  This includes executive and organizational level leadership, intrapreneurs, change agents, and teams.



Six hours, single day or multi-days

Instructor Led, Online or Onsite



By the end of this course, participants should:

  • Understand how to establish a complexity-informed organizational change program

  • Know the fundamentals of the complexity-informed mindset and associated methods for amplifying value, including:

    • Agile and Lean

    • Leveraging complexity to create and amplify change

    • Tenets of Solutions Thinking, including the Three-Circle Model and Cynefin Framework

  • Be able to set meaningful goals for change programs

  • Understand ways to grow change leadership and establish communities in a global and highly-diverse workforce



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