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Leading and Managing Agile Development Teams

Agile and Lean product development has become mainstream over the last decade, and as a manager and leader within your company it is important for you to understand how to build, lead, and manage such teams -- not just for your company, but also for your own career.  


This workshop focuses on the methods and skills managers and leaders need to in order for product teams get the most from Agile and Lean development.  It provides an overview of mainstream Agile and Lean development, and defines and clarifies the roles of leaders, first-line managers, middle managers, and executive managers.  

The workshop materials are drawn from over a decade of real Agile and Lean adoption experience covering tens of thousands of people within Fortune 100 companies, addressing what works and doesn't work when adopting and using Agile and Lean on teams across the globe.



This class is designed for managers and leaders of Agile and Lean teams.  This includes executive and organizational level management at all levels.


Eight  hours, single day or multi-days


Instructor Led, Online or Onsite



After completing this course, participants should:

  • Understand the Agile and Lean mindset, and the business case for Agile and Lean product development

  • Understand the main tenets of mainstream Agile and Lean methods

  • Understand the role of the manager on Agile and Lean teams, and leadership styles that work

  • Know how to establish and shape an environment for successful Agile and Lean adoption

  • Understand the role of the customer and other non-development roles in your company

  • Know how local and corporate culture affects Agile and Lean adoption

  • Recognize common pitfalls and know how to avoid them



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