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Make the time to develop your skills!

Building new job skills is never easy.  Having to take time off for a daylong workshop is sometimes impractical, inconvenient, and expensive.  To address this problem, nuCognitive is now offering instructor-led, mini-workshops for incremental learning.  Each workshop is just two hours long, and focuses on only a few subjects. And, they are all taught by instructors who are recognized internationally as experts in their fields.

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Current Offerings: 

(More Workshops Coming Soon)

The Agile Mindset:  No Agile adoption can be successful without a strong understanding about the values and principles that enable the methods to work.  In this 2-hour workshop, we will decode the manifesto and the 12 principles and address how to handle the key impediments around the implementation of the Agile mindset.  Learning Objectives: Understanding of the 4 values and 12 principles of Agile, ways to address impediments, light understanding of Lean A3 problem solving.    

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Personal and Team Productivity with Kanban:  Kanban is a great way to visualize work in a way that prevents people from being overwhelmed with what needs to get done.  In this 2-hour workshop, we will demonstrate and work with the Kanban method.  Learning Objectives: What is Kanban, how to create a basic value stream, queue and flow management, retrospectives, and different Kanban board layouts to get you started.

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Balanced Product Development with the Three-Circle Model:  Many products fail in the marketplace because they fail to balance three fundamental aspects: business, usage, and technology. The Three-Circle Model prevents this issue by giving teams a common language and framework to develop balanced, coherent customer solutions. In this 2-hour workshop, we will learn about the Three-Circle Model, how to use it to deliver solutions, and how to use it to locate and treat various organizational issues. We will also learn about the Dynamic Solution Life Cycle that is based on the model, and how to apply it. Learning objectives: Three-Circle Model concepts, terminology, and applications, and the Dynamic Solution Life Cycle.

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Informed Decisions Making with Cynefin:  Reaching the right decision is never easy.  Especially when you are dealing with complicated, complex, and chaotic situations.  The Cynefin framework provides leaders with a way to approach and make better informed decisions.  In this 2-hour workshop, we will learn about the 5 domains of the Cynefin framework and how to apply them to informed decision making. Learning Objectives:  What is Cynefin, approach when dealing with different decision domains, and decision techniques for diverse situations.

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