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Prerequisites for Online Workshops

Some of the online workshops will have breakout activities.  This will allow you and a small group of people to work in a cohort group.   With this, we do have some basic system requirements to join the breakout room activities and make your online training experience the best it can be.   Do not hesitate to contact us at if you need extra help prior to the training. 

Use VoIP with headset and test your setup

  • It is highly recommended that all participants connect to audio via mic and speakers (VoIP) so that their audio connection is transferred seamlessly and they do not need to complete extra steps to dial in via phone.

  • Wired USB headsets tend to deliver the best audio and microphone quality for PC users.  Jabra UC Voice 550 or Plantronics C320 are two good models. 

  • You can test your system compatibility, internet connection and audio settings ahead of time to ensure your session goes smoothly or test your connection while in the session if you're experiencing technical difficulties.   Click here to Test

Install the lastest Google Chrome Browser

  • Breakout sessions require Google Chrome v31 or later for Windows or Mac

  • You can download the latest here

  • Make sure Chrome is set up as your default browser

Activities will launch and end differently depending on how you join 

  • Web attendees who join using the Instant Join app will be automatically switched to the activity within the same browser tab. Once the activity ends, the Instant Join app will switch them back to the main training session.

  • Desktop attendees who join using the citrix desktop app will see a new browser window which will launch them into session using the Instant Join app. The desktop app will continue running the main training session. Once the activity ends, the Instant Join app will quit and they can return to using the desktop app.

  • Mobile devices:  we do not recomend that you attend most of the workshops with the iOS or Android GoToTraining apps.  

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