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Press Release


We are excited to announce some changes at nuCognitive, LLC. In the coming month, one of our founders, Daniel Walsh, will be moving to Austin, Texas. With this, we are going to be separating nuCognitive into two independent businesses. Daniel Walsh will be taking the leadership and full ownership of nuCognitive, and Ray Arell will be establishing a new company called nuAgility (, that will remain headquartered in the Portland area. The goal for these two companies will be to continue to collaborate on projects moving forward. Erik Simmons will provide contracting support to both companies as each continues to grow within their regional markets. The other exciting change we are making is that the Agile Coaching Network will be broken out as a non-profit entity, and in the coming weeks you will see a new set of meeting invitations and a new website address. Ray Arell will continue to host and moderate the call. The goal of this change is to help expand on the success of the network and podcast in a more independent space. We look forward to working with you all as we grow and change!

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