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Solutions Thinking

Today’s business environment is more complex than ever, and businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. 


Brand loyalty has lost much of its power.  in most markets, consumers have tremendous freedom to choose among competing products, and user experience has become a big factor in purchase decisions. 


Time-to-market pressure is unrelenting. The cycle time for many products continues to shrink while product complexity and technical challenges just keep increasing.  

In this environment, businesses must offer solutions that solve the right problem for the right consumer at the right time and price. Teams must ensure they balance business, usage, and technology in a way that creates sustainable competitive advantage.


Solutions Thinking offers a fresh look at how to go from an opportunity to a successful solution. Unlike methods that focus only on business models, empathy-based product development, or other single facets of the bigger problem, Solutions Thinking addresses the full spectrum of business, usage, and technology within solutions. The class contains a particular focus on working in a complex environment, and blends a unique collection of proven industry models into a coherent methodology for solution development.



Planners, marketers, architects, designers, product owners, lead engineers, and others working on holistic solution discovery, definition, design, and delivery.



Six hours, single day or multi-days

Instructor Led, Online or Onsite



By the end of this course, participants should:

  • Be able to state and explain the fundamental definitions and concepts of solutions thinking

  • Understand how a solution relates to its platforms and ingredients

  • Apply the Cynefin Framework and Three-Circle Model to problems and solutions

  • Describe and apply several models that are particularly useful for discovering and elaborating solution requirements

  • Know where to find more information on the topics presented



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