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Hands-on professional development for individuals, teams, and organizations

We offer public and private workshops that help participants master concepts and develop skills using practical examples or their own real-world project work. We also offer self-paced and instructor-led online options if you want to get started quickly.


We've instructed over 4,000 professionals from around the world in Fortune 100 enterprises, high-tech companies, financial services, and startups.

Please let us know if you don't find what you are looking for. We'd be glad to help point you in the right direction if we can't meet your needs.

Balancing Business + Usage + Technology

Deliver holistic and compelling solutions to customer problems

Level up your product management skills in a hands-on working session & learn how to deliver better products, services, & solutions. This workshop invites teams to shift their thinking from developing a product or service to delivering a holistic solution that balances business, usage, and technology.

2 to 8 hours

Introduction to Cynefin and Complexity

A Situational-based Approach To Decision Making and Strategy

Organizations need more than a set of recipes and ‘best practices’ to affect change and fundamentally transform their culture. The Cynefin Framework is a transformational concept that uses a situational-based approach to ensure effective work, decision making, and management in environments with various degrees of uncertainty and strategic foresight.

1 to 2 days

Cynefin for Agile Teams

Discover the fundamental resaons why Agile and Lean methods and practices work in order to adopt, tailor, and improve them.

Cynefin is a sense-making framework that helps people understand their context or situation in order to take appropriate action. The Cynefin framework can be used to select heuristics appropriate for the environment rather than defaulting to a single, recipe-based approach for all situations. Understanding Agile and Lean methods in context increases the chances for successful adoptions and highlights areas where new methods need to be developed or re-purposed from other disciplines.

4 to 8 hours

Introduction to Kanban

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Kanban is a workflow engagement methodology that uses work-in-progress limits, visualization, and continuous improvement principles. This workshop shows participants how Kanban works and how to get started.

4 to 8 hours

Introduction to Scrum

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Scrum is an iterative and incremental approach to develop products and services. This workshop is designed to get teams up and running on using Scrum and discover the underlying principles and values that make the approach work well.

4 to 8 hours

Introduction to Lean Product Development

Learn how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of product development systems using Lean principles, methods, and techniques.

6 to 8 hours

Business Model Innovation

Participants in this workshop will learn how to develop business models using a few different one-page frameworks. They will also learn how to leverage these models for elevator pitches and strategic options.

6 to 8 hours

Core-Conext Analysis

Focus Investments On What Matters Most

Many organizations experience scope creep and spread their limited resources too thin. This workshop helps organizations align on the critical areas of differentiation and re-focuses resources where it matters most. 

2 to 8 hours

User Experience Proof Points

Leverage Seven Proof Points to Improve the User Experience of Your Product or Service

As more products & services compete for limited time and attention, teams need to deliver compelling experiences to attract and retain users. UX Proof Points are a set of seven moments or inflection points that can either make or break the user experience.

Syllabus and Sample Slides

2 to 8 hours

Design Sprint

Solve big design challenges in one week with a Design Sprint. This method was popularized by Google Venturesand it effectively operationalizes many concepts from Design Thinking and human-centered design.

4 to 5 days

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On-site or Online Team Workshops​

One effective learning technique is to apply new knowledge directly to your own work. We can tailor workshops to focus not just on learning the material, but also immediately applying that knowledge at work - something a public session can’t provide.

On-site, in-person sessions are the best way to maximize benefits, but the effort can be a challenge for some large, geographically-dispersed teams.  If in-person sessions are impractical, our online environments and tools make virtual sessions an interesting alternative.

Please contact us for more information about tailored on-site or online sessions:   

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