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Why Choose nuCognitive?

Taking on a new venture or improving how you create customer value is never easy.  In fact, it can be a daunting problem. If you are facing these kinds of challenges, nuCognitive can help. Let us explain the key differences in our approach and the experience we can offer.

Amplify Value and Dampen Loss

One of the largest problems we have seen in most industries over the past century is that it has been dominated by linear thinking; almost all lifecycles, methods, leadership and management practices, etc. assume that the situation is linear when much of it is actually complex (non-linear).  Complexity is a defining attribute of today’s business environment - one that you can turn into a competitive advantage if you use the right approaches to harness it.


The nuCognitive approach is focused on culture and a way of working that adapt to real-world complexity and change.  We do this using methods and a mindset that can be tailored to fit with your organization's context. At its foundation, the nuCognitive mindset is adaptive and strongly value-focused. This mindset incorporates elements of Agile, Lean, and complex adaptive systems engineering to create a framework that helps you to identify and amplify value, while simultaneously dampening non-value-added work.  nuCognitive’s methods and practices adapt to a range of circumstances and environments, working in complex settings while not making simple problems more difficult.


What nuCognitive does not believe in nor advocate is a one-size-fits-all approach.  Many product development frameworks are too rigid, and lack the ability to adapt and evolve as your company’s needs grow and change.  They also create a culture of resentment and problem hiding because the idealized operating model does not fit the on-the-ground realities. Adaptation and evolution are crucial in today’s business environment, where markets, competitors and customers are changing at an unprecedented pace. The nuCognitive approach is about enabling your company’s ability to sense these changes and adapt in order to meet the demands of producing both short- and long-term value for your customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Decades of Fortune 100 Experience

The nuCognitive team of founders, coaches, and operation staff have spent decades working for and with Fortune 100 companies.  Not just in the capacity of coaching and workshop delivery, but in the startup and delivery of real products and ventures.  So, by working with us you are not just getting book knowledge; you are getting the deep experience of real practitioners.


Our breadth of experience includes hands-on development in traditional, Agile, Lean, and hybrid life cycles, system engineering, requirements engineering, test engineering, coding, operations, hardware engineering, entrepreneurship, change agency and culture change, growing communities of practice, and the list goes on.  All of this has been done in groups ranging from hundreds to several thousand people.  Everyone at nuCognitive has a strong passion for developing people, improving cultures, and rapidly delivering significant value to clients.


Lastly, our team shares its knowledge with the industry and we are recognized as leaders within our fields.  All of our principal coaches have done multiple keynotes and invited talks, published technical papers, and contributed to or authored books.  We have served as chairs for various conferences run by organizations such as the IEEE Computer Society and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and regularly participate on conference program committees.

Taking the next step

Engagement with nuCogntive is easy.   Contact us today by filling in the following info.  We will be glad to tell you more about about our services and our specialties and how we can help.   Our first consultation with you is always free.

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